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Poster Production

The 2020 URSI Symposium will be held on Wednesday, September 30, 2020. Each URSI Student Fellow must participate in the creation of a poster for the Symposium, which must be submitted by Wednesday, September 16th by 5pm, in PDF format. URSI will print your poster for you, and you will pick up your poster from Media Resources and hang it in advance of the Symposium.

Poster Requirements

  1. Recommended size: 45" tall x 36" wide (the maximum dimension for one side of the poster is 36")

  2. Format: your final poster must be saved as a PDF  

  3. Creation: The preferred method for creating your poster is to use the PowerPoint URSI Poster Template; however, you can use any appropriate software tool to create your poster (e.g. Illustrator, InDesign, PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides), as long as you save your final work as a PDF file.  Here is the link to Chris Gahn's presentation from the poster design workshop for more tips and advice on poster design.

  4. Maximum File Size: 100 MB (if it’s larger, contact Chris Gahn <> prior to the submission deadline for help on reducing the file size)

  5. File naming convention: URSI_posterNumber_facultyUsername_studentUsername.pdf where Username is the username that is used for the Vassar email address. For example: URSI_12_joschwarz_jdoe.pdf. If you have more than one faculty or one student on the poster, only use ONE username for each. If you do not use this naming convention, your poster will not be printed. Poster numbers will be emailed during the first week in September by Susie Painter <>.

Poster Submission and Printing Procedure

  1. Save your poster as a PDF and upload it to this Google Drive folder using your Vassar login credentials. Chris Gahn ( will contact you if there are any problems with the poster. He will send your poster to Media Resources to be printed.

  2. The absolute deadline to submit your poster is Wednesday, September 15th at 5:00 p.m. After that, you are on your own to print it elsewhere. (As a reference, Catskills Office Supplies on Main St. charges about $120 per poster, which is an expense that everybody should avoid.)

  3. Pick up your poster at the Media Resources office starting at 9:00 am on Thursday, September 24th and no later than 4:30 pm on Friday, September 25th.

  4. Bring your poster to the Villard Room either Tuesday afternoon (9/29) or Wednesday morning (9/30), and hang your poster in the allotted space. Your poster must be hung up before 12:00pm on Wednesday, September 30th. Materials to hang your poster will be provided in the Villard Room.

Poster Sections

Your poster should summarize the highlights of your research, organized in the following sections:

  • Title and Author(s)

  • Introduction section that sets the context for your research and poses the research question that your work is addressing.

  • Methodology section that summarizes key aspects of your experimental or methodological approach.

  • Data and Analysis section that presents the experimental data/results in a series of figures/tables/images as well as a brief written summary.

  • Discussion/Conclusion section that explains what the results suggest about the research question that was posed. Optional: discuss future work.

  • References section for key papers that contributed to your research ideas or analysis. Note that font size can be smaller than for the body of the poster.

Refer to Vassar College’s Going to the Source: A Guide to Academic Integrity and Attribution for a thorough discussion of citing and attribution. In general, references should be cited in the poster text and the full bibliographic information should be listed in the References section for each source. Check with your faculty mentor and/or major publications in your field for the correct formatting of your references. If necessary, the References and Acknowledgements sections can be reduced in size to accommodate other portions of the poster.
  • Acknowledgements section to acknowledge anyone who helped with this project who is not listed as a co-author. Additionally, funding agencies should be acknowledged according to the terms of the funding. Note that the font size can be smaller than for the body of the poster.

Poster Guidelines: Working with the Template

Please see the guidelines for using the URSI Poster Template linked here. Although the guidelines are specific to the template, they are generally applicable for any poster. Check with your faculty mentor for detailed guidelines that may differ from those listed in the guidelines.

Saving your File

On a PC:   To save your file for submitting, go to FILE > Print. Choose Adobe PDF as the printer then click on Printer Properties. For Default Settings, choose High Quality Print. Click ok, which will bring you back to the main PowerPoint print dialogue. Click Print and save the file using the appropriate file naming convention for the Symposium.

On a Mac:  To save your file for submitting, go to FILE>Export.  Choose pdf as the file format and use the appropriate file naming convention for the Symposium.