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2017 Student Application

Welcome to the 2017 Undergraduate Research Summer Institute (URSI) student application. All Vassar students continuing in Fall 2017 are eligible to apply.

URSI is an immersive summer program in which Vassar students explore original hands-on scientific research under the direction of a Vassar faculty mentor. Each summer, approximately 50 students and 30 faculty come together to participate in this program. URSI student fellows are engaged in the entire research process: they learn to formulate hypotheses, review scientific literature, develop experimental protocols, handle major instrumentation, gather data, analyze results, and present their findings.

URSI will run for 10 weeks: May 31st - August 4, 2017. URSI student fellows must be on campus for the duration of the program. They will receive a $3,800 stipend for this full-time position, and subsidized on-campus housing will be made available. No meal plan is available, but students housed on campus will have access to shared cooking facilities.

Prior to submitting an application, read the project descriptions to find projects that match your interests. Be sure to check the project descriptions for additional information on how each faculty member would like for you to indicate interest in their project.

You are required to submit several written responses below. The written responses are a crucial component of the application, so you are highly encouraged to prepare and edit your responses before filling out the rest of this application. Be sure to proofread and edit your responses. You can visit the Writing Center to get feedback on your drafts. When you complete the form below, you can cut and paste your responses into the appropriate fields. This technique will also help ensure that your responses are saved in the event of technical issues with the form.

All applications must be submitted by 5:00 pm on March 10th. Please note that we are not using rolling admissions, so every application submitted by March 10th will be considered. In other words, there is no reason to rush to get your application submitted as soon as possible. Please make sure you take the time to carefully consider what you write on your application. All selected applicants will be notified of their status by email on March 31, 2017. Students who are offered a position must accept or decline by April 6, 2017. If you have questions about URSI or the application process, email the URSI Coordinator, Susie Painter at supainter@vassar.edu.

The form may take a moment to load. If you experience technical difficulties with this application form, Report a Problem.