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Computer Science
2021 Project Proposal

Paravirtualization for Secure and Fast Booting of Linux Virtual Machines

Jason Waterman (Computer Science)

Project Type - B - Flexible:  It will be in-person if we are allowed to have URSI students on campus, but it will become a remote project if not.

Lightweight virtualization environments, or microVMs, are gaining popularity as a secure unit of execution that can meet the increasingly stringent performance demands of emerging cloud programming models like serverless computing.  For example, to boot a Linux kernel under 150 ms, modern virtual machine monitors (VMMs) bypass much of the traditional boot sequence, especially bootstrapping logic.  However, these fast boot times can come at the expense of security.  This project explores the interface between the Linux kernel and VMMs to provide secure and fast booting of virtual machines.

Prerequisites: Having completed CMPU-224 is required. Familiarity with building the Linux kernel and installing Linux helpful but not required. Knowledge of the Rust language also helpful but not required.

How should students express interest in this project?  I will contact students who have applied.  Students do not need to contact me.

This is an 8-week project running from June 7 – July 31