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Computer Science
2021 Project Proposal

Temporal Reasoning Algorithms

Luke Hunsberger (Computer Science)

Project Type - A - Remote-only:  Student participants will not live on campus.

This project involves a group of three students working together to implement and test algorithms from the literature on Simple Temporal Networks (STNs) and Simple Temporal Networks with Uncertainty (STNUs).  The goal will be to create a library of efficient implementations that will be made available to researchers in temporal reasoning, as well as a repository of repeatable test results evaluating, comparing and contrasting temporal reasoning algorithms.  Students will be given tutorials, papers and/or pseudocode for the algorithms to be implemented.  The focus will be on quality over quantity (e.g., well documented efficient code, as well as thorough & reproducible empirical evaluations).

Prerequisites: Students should have familiarity with object-oriented programming (e.g., in Java, Python, or Lisp), basic CS algorithms, and general software design concepts, for example, as demonstrated by a strong record in computer science courses such as CMPU-102, CMPU-241 and CMPU-203.  A basic background in mathematics would also be beneficial.

How should students express interest in this project?  Interested students should contact Prof. Hunsberger by email ( explaining their interest in the project, as well as their general interests in computer science. Interviews can then be conducted by Zoom where possible.

This is an 8-week project running from June 7 – July 31