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2021 Project Proposal

Biochemical Characterization of Microbial Enzymes

Krystle McLaughlin (Chemistry)

Project Type - B - Flexible:  It will be in-person if we are allowed to have URSI students on campus, but it will become a remote project if not.

Humans and microbes have a complex relationship. The advent of antibiotics allowed humans to fight pathogenic bacterial infections that threatened our livelihood. However, microbiome dysbiosis, the imbalance of symbiotic microbial populations in the body which can be caused by lifesaving antibiotics, has been implicated in many areas of human health. We will use biochemical and biophysical techniques to characterize proteins from various pathogenic or symbiotic microbes. These studies help to provide further understanding of essential microbial processes at the molecular level. Students working in the lab will gain experience with gel electrophoresis, protein expression and purification, in vitro enzyme assays, and protein crystallization.

Prerequisites: Chem 125 (required); Bio 107 (or equivalent intro bio course) and Bio 272 (preferred)
OR related previous lab work (describe in application)

How should students express interest in this project? In their application, students should describe briefly 1) why they are interested in this project, and 2) how working on this project will help them reach their career goals. Students do not need to contact me directly. After reviewing the applications, I will contact selected candidates about setting up an interview.

This is an 8-week project running from June 7 – July 31