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2020 Project Proposal

Mental Health in Refugee Populations

Sue Trumbetta (Psychological Science)Maria Höhn (History)        

As part of a multi-year project with the Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement, and Education’s (CFMDE), ideally, two Vassar URSI students will conduct empirical research on mental health among forcibly displaced populations.  Students will work with Professor Adam Brown and his graduate students in the Trauma and Global Mental Health Lab at the New School for Social Research (New York City) during the first part of the summer (4-6 weeks).  This work will introduce students to some of the databases and data analytic techniques necessary to their URSI research.  The second part of the summer’s work will take place in Bern, Switzerland.  In Bern, students typically spend mornings in data analysis and/or didactics in mental health and research methods, followed by afternoon visits to clinics at the University Hospital and to community organizations, eventually helping to conduct the research.  Professor Brown has at least two ongoing studies: a study of migration-related stressors, anxiety, and trauma in asylum-seekers who come to the hospital Emergency Department, and a study of how partnerships between the University Hospital and community organizations may effectively reduce the number of Emergency Department visits.

Please note that this URSI project is slightly different from typical ones as you will be away from Vassar's campus (in New York and Bern).  In order to defray that cost, the student will receive $2000 in supplemental funding through The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to cover room and board to make the award equitable with the existing URSI model.

PSYC 200 or other Statistics course strongly preferred.  Command of a language other than English strongly preferred.

How should students express interest in this project?
After a review of applications, Vassar advisors Professor Susan Trumbetta (Psychological Science) and Professor Maria Höhn (History; Director of CFMDE) will select and contact students for interviews; students will also interview with Professor Brown.

This is a 10 week project running approximately from May 27-July 31, but may vary.