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Physics and Astronomy
Completed Project

Video Based Graphical Analysis Problems: a Supplement or Replacement for Lab Experience in Introductory Mechanics

Saumya Arya ’23 and Professor Cindy Schwarz (Physics)

Due to the recent crisis of COVID-19, we decided to create a substitute or complement for introductory physics laboratory classes (College or HS). We have created a series of video-based graphical analysis questions that focus on concepts taught in mechanics with clear common misconceptions addressed. The videos we used are of real world motion such as someone shooting a basketball, billiard ball collisions, uniform and non uniform circular motion of an exercise bike wheel. These activities address concepts such as conservation of energy, simple harmonic motion, angular momentum, friction and forces to name a few. Videos were analyzed previously using Logger Pro software and each activity has the video shot, tracked motion images, graphs of relevant quantities and physics concept questions that rely primarily on getting information from the graphs. The questions in this compilation focus on developing student skills such as estimation, analyzing real world data and graphical interpretation. Each question has specific feedback for common wrong answers and has the correct answer with a supplemental explanation available. The video series will be implemented in the Expert TA system this fall.