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Cognitive Science
2020 Project Proposal

Evolutionary Developmental Robotics

Kenneth Livingston (Cognitive Science

This project will continue research in our laboratory that uses real and simulated robots to study basic principles of evolutionary change as they affect agent intelligence.  Factors being explored include (1) characteristics of the genotype-to-phenotype mapping system, (2) contributions of epigenetic and developmental processes, and (3) the contributions of agent morphology and environment.  The work will involve construction and maintenance of simulations and real robots, collaboration in hypothesis generation and experimental design, and all phases of data collection and analysis.

Some coding experience is essential, and familiarity with the family of C-programming languages (or ability to come up to speed on them quickly) is especially desirable.  Highly desirable but not required are (a) background in statistics and experimental design and (b) a background in genetics/genomics or evolutionary theory.

How should students express interest in this project?
In addition to submitting the formal application, interested students should contact me directly to set up an appointment to discuss the project.  Final selection will be based on both the application materials and the interview.

This is a 10 week project running from May 27-July 31