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Psychological Science
2019 Project Proposal

Memory retrieval and the passage of time

Hadley Bergstrom (Psychological Science)

It is well understood that the neural circuits required for retrieving very old (remote) memory change with the passage of time. The precise pattern of memory retrieval circuit reorganization over remote time scales is unknown. The purpose of this URSI project is to determine the relative contribution of corticolimbic brain regions in the retrieval of remote conditioned threat memory over time. The project will incorporate a chemogenetic system (designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs; DREADDs) to alter cellular activity in the prefrontal cortex and amygdala during memory retrieval with cell-type specific resolution. Specific skill sets include, behavioral testing (threat conditioning) in mice, stereotaxic surgery, immunofluorescence, and statistical analysis. Students interested in psychology and neuroscience are encouraged to apply. See the "Memory Neuroscience Lab at Vassar" website for more information about the project.


How should students express interest in this project?
I will reach out to prospective students for an interview.