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2019 Project Proposal

Peripheral arterial tonometry measures and cardiovascular disease events

Leroy Cooper (Biology)

Novel, noninvasive measures of vascular function are emerging as subclinical markers for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and may be useful to predict CVD events. This project will assess the relations between novel vascular measures derived from peripheral arterial tonometry (PAT) and incident CVD in a sample of Jackson Heart Study participants. We hypothesize that impaired PAT measures (lower pulse wave amplitude and PAT ratio) will be associated with higher risk for incident CVD events. Participants who successfully underwent a comprehensive, noninvasive assessment of central hemodynamics and PAT and who also have complete data on covariates will be included in the study. We will use multivariable-adjusted proportional hazards models to assess the relation between novel PAT measures and incident CVD events.

BIOL 288 - Epidemiology or BIOL 385 - Applied Biostatistics

How should students express interest in this project?
Please contact Prof. Cooper ( to schedule an interview at a mutually convenient time.