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Physics and Astronomy
2018 Project Proposal

How well does PER (physics education research) really work in the Introductory Physics Lab and Lecture?

David Rishell (Physics and Astronomy)

Physics Education Research (PER) is a area of great opportunity and promise. Much is happening in the field. The key component will be the creation of surveys and/or some other assessment tools to assess the effectiveness of some cross sectional examples of lab and lecture curriculum.  The student I work with will also assist  me in creating some example curriculum for an introductory physics course, specifically some example laboratory activities and example "workshop" style modules for lecture.  The sample curriculum can then be used in a physics course and assessed with the assessment tools. Results can be presented at an AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers)  meeting or the like.  Both areas, lab and lecture, will be based on an active learning model. 

Prerequisites:  The student would have to be familiar with an introductory physics course and be able to quickly learn about and work with the multitude of software and hardware used in a modern physics laboratory and class.  He/she would also need to be well versed in equation editing and incorporating equations,  images and diagrams etc. into Word Documents.           

How should students express their interest in this project?  I do not have any particular inclination as to how students contact me.