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Cognitive Science
2018 Project Proposal

Evolutionary-Developmental Robotics

Ken Livingston and John Long (Cognitive Science)

For many years our laboratory has used robotic systems to explore basic questions about the role of evolutionary and developmental processes in emergent intelligent behavior.  We have also explored how this approach might improve the engineering of smarter robots.  This work has led to important discoveries, but it has also raised many new questions.  For this summer’s URSI projects we are giving students the opportunity to build on this work by designing their own research projects to explore any aspect of evolutionary-developmental robotics of interest to them.  These questions may follow directly from work already done in the lab, but they may also introduce new questions and problems.

Prerequisites:  One section of the URSI application begins, "Briefly explain why you are interested in this particular project.” Please use this section to describe the research question or problem that you propose to study, along with some initial ideas about the goals for the project and relevant references.  Note: These projects may be proposed individually or in cooperation with another student.  Please carefully list the skills you possess that make your project feasible.          

How should students express their interest in this project?  We will make every effort to speak with all students who submit an application, but students should endeavor to begin that process by sending an email requesting a meeting as soon as applications are submitted.  Questions prior to submission are also welcome.