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Cognitive Science
2018 Project Proposal

Creating Tools for Cognitive Science at Scale*

Josh de Leeuw (Cognitive Science)

The Internet is fundamentally changing what is possible in behavioral and cognitive research. Experiments can be deployed globally, reaching tens of thousands of participants with substantially greater demographic diversity than a typical university lab sample. However, conducting this kind of study requires technical expertise in developing online applications, making this technique inaccessible for many researchers. This URSI project will focus on developing, testing, and applying new software tools for conducting massive online experiments, with the goal of creating accessible open-source software that is widely utilized. The particular project will depend on the interests and skills of the URSI fellow, but may include work on a cloud-based experiment builder (www.github.com/jspsych/jsPsych-Redux-GUI), developing the jsPsych software library (www.github.com/jspsych/jsPsych), and/or designing and creating cognitive experiments tailored for the Internet.         

Prerequisites:  Experience with at least one programming language is necessary. Experience with web development is a plus, especially JavaScript, Node.js, and React, as is experience with Cognitive Science research (e.g., completing COGS219).         

How should students express their interest in this project?  Students should clearly describe their relevant programming experience on their application, including, if available, a link to relevant work (e.g., on GitHub or a personal website). Students do not need to contact me to express interest before submitting an application.