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Cognitive Science
2018 Project Proposal

Experimental Research on Category Learning*

Janet Andrews (Cognitive Science)

This URSI project will involve developing, running, and analyzing data from new experiments in two areas of category learning.  One of these involves learned categorical perception (CP), a phenomenon whereby learning to categorize objects alters how those objects are judged or perceived.  We are interested in developing rigorous methods of testing learned CP in order to better understand its nature and scope.  The other line of research involves testing the effects of different methods of training and item presentation on the effectiveness of category learning, with an emphasis on whether the effects depend on whether the categories being learned are feature-based or relational.  The work will include programming experiments to collect data online, analyzing data, evaluating relevant research literature, and exploring different models of learned CP and/or category learning.   

Prerequisites:  Previous coursework in cognitive science, interest in the project, and a willingness to learn and program in JavaScript and R are required; background in programming, research methods, and statistics is strongly recommended.

How should students express their interest in this project?  There are no special requirements.