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Computer Science
2018 Project Proposal

Managing microscale data in a privacy-sensitive manner*

Jason Waterman (Computer Science)

People today generate a tremendous amount of data as a byproduct of their daily activities through the use of mobile phones, wearable devices, and online services. The availability of this “microscale” data creates exciting opportunities for solving complex planning problems but it also raises serious concerns about security and privacy. {P} We are developing a new software platform for managing microscale data in a privacy-sensitive manner. This platform will enable researchers to investigate how microscale data can be used to solve planning problems and improve resource allocation. Results from this research could provide deeper insights about the aggregate behavior of the Vassar community. 

Prerequisites:  Required: Completion of CS224 and proficiency in Java.  Prefered: Completion of CS203 and previous Android or IOS development.      

How should students express their interest in this project?  I will contact students I am interested in interviewing.  They do not need to contact me.