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2018 Project Proposal

Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral Amines

Joe Tanski (Chemistry)

The goal of this project is to investigate new reagents that will advance the state-of-the-art in the field of chiral amine synthesis. Specifically, the research will focus on compounds of early transition metals with chiral ligands that will be investigated as reagents for imine (C=N) reductive hydrogenation to produce chiral hydrocarbon substituent on amines, and perhaps other similar organic transformations. We will prepare and characterize new imine substrates and reductive hydrogenation reagents, and examine the conversion to product amine, the stereoselectivity, and the mechanism of the transformation.           

Prerequisites:  Students must have completed Organic Chemistry 244/245 before the start of URSI, and experience with NMR would be helpful but is not required.         

How should students express their interest in this project?  Interested students should make an appointment by email for a brief interview to discuss the project BEFORE submitting their application.