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2018 Projects

(An asterisk after a project title indicates the project is available for UPR students in addition to Vassar students.)



Transcriptome-Wide Analysis of the Role of eIF3 in Eukaryotic Translation Initiation

Andrei Stanciu ’21 and Professor Colin Echeverría Aitken

Protease Activity Associated with Nascent Phagosomes in Tetrahymena

Elizabeth Gibbs ’20 and Professor J. William Straus 


Structural and Functional Analysis of a Novel Chitin Deacetylase from B. ovatus

Sharika Hasan ’19 and Professor Krystle McLaughlin

Characterization of an Unknown TPR Protein from B. ovatus

Justas Rodarte ’19, Gabrielle James ’22, and Professor Krystle McLaughlin

Controlled Growth of Metal Nanoparticles for Chemical Sensing Applications

Samira Afreen ’21, Charles Waltz-Chesnaye ’20, and Professor Christopher J. Smart

Investigation of Thiobenzaldehyde-Anthracene Cycloadducts for use in the Synthesis of Chiral Thiols

Dean Rosenthal ’20, Molly Youse ’19, and Professor Joseph M. Tanski 

Cognitive Science

Strengthening Visual Learned Categorical Perception Research

Christina Griesmer ’19, Cole Landolt ’20, Professor Jan Andrews, and Professor Joshua de Leeuw

Studying Cognition with Online Games: Three Examples

Nicholas Williams ’19, Nanak Nihal Khalsa ’20, Ayo Opuiyo ’22, and Professor Joshua R. de Leeuw 

Crossing the Reality Gap: Evolving Simulated and Physical Robots

Wenxuan Guo ’20, Parveer Kaur ’20, Professor Ken Livingston, and Professor John Long

Modelling Haploidy and Diploidy in an Evolutionary Robotics Simulation

Benjamin McCarthy ’20, Professor Ken Livingston, and Professor John Long

How Selection on Behavior Evolves the Structure of Brains: A Robotic Model System

Lindsey Sample ’20, Professor Ken Livingston, and Professor John Long

Computer Science

From Words to Dungeons (and Dragons)

Jessica Li ’20 and Professor Simon Ellis

Narrative Design Patterns in Role-Playing Games

Jacob Schwartz ’19, Henry Fosmire ’19, and Professor Thomas Ellman 

Learning-How: Strategic Knowledge Acquisition

Kaya Deuser ’20 and Professsor Pavel Naumov 

Ancile: Privacy-Aware Programming for Microscale Data

Griffin Berlstein ’19 and Professor Jason Waterman

Earth Science and Geography

Late-Pleistocene and Holocene Vegetation and Climate History of Dyken Pond in Rensselaer County, New York, USA

Ray Cagnetta ’19, Savannah Cutler ’20, and Professor Kirsten Menking

Mathematics and Statistics

Arrangements of Lines with Only Double Points

Sarah Goodhill ’22 and Professor Moshe Cohen

Classifying Eleven-Line Arrangements with Quadruple Points

Alexander May ’19, Jordan Buhmann ’19, Shiyu Shu ’19, and Professor Moshe Cohen

Homogeneously Adequate States and Alternating Decompositions

Michael Pennington ’20, Matthew Paramore ’22, and Professor Adam Lowrance

The Log-Concavity of a Renormalized Jones Polynomial For Alternating Links

Dean Spyropoulos ’19 and Professor Adam Lowrance

Analysis of Social Factors Influencing Heroin Addiction

Peter Roumeliotis ’19, Giovanni Colon ’20 (Univ. of Puerto Rico), Katie Ellman-Aspnes ’20 and Professor Ben Morin


Ultrafast Phenomena in Thin Films and Nanostructures

Roman Guglielmo ’20, Jesse Lin ’20, John Reed ’21, Julio Gonzalez ‘22, Robert Twist IV ’22, and Professor Brian Daly 

Manufacturing and Testing of High-Power, Custom-Built Solar Modules

Joe Sinopoli,’20, Martin Terrazas Lopez,’20, and Professor Brian Daly

Nonlinear Time Series Analysis of C. elegans Motion

Cheris Congo ’19, Tyler Hatch ’20, Miranda Hulsey-Vincent ’19, and Professor Jenny Magnes 

Fourier Transform Spectroscopy in the Visible Range

Tyler Hatch ’20 and Professor Jenny Magnes

Determining the Viability of KELT Exoplanet Candidates

Bailey Piotrowski ’20, Aidan Pidgeon ’20 (Dickinson College) and Professor Colette Salyk

Mapping the Cellular Health State-Space of Stentor coeruleus

Evan Burns ’19 and Professor Janet Sheung

Psychological Science

Development of a Miniature Microscope to Image Calcium Dynamics in the Brain

Gabrielle Coste ’20 and Professor Lori Newman, Professor Bojana Zupan, Phillip Cooper, and Professor Hadley Bergstrom

Using Fluorescent Immunohistochemistry to Determine the Efficacy of a Gq DREADD

Daniel Lee ’19, Gabrielle Coste ’20, Noemi Tapia-Reyes ’22, and Professor Hadley Bergstrom

Astrocytes in Cognition: Potential Targets for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Elizabeth Kharitonova ’19, Katherine Garcia-Mabry ’22, and Professor Lori Newman