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Physics and Astronomy
Project Proposal

Ultrafast optics and nanoscale physics

Brian Daly (Physics and Astronomy)

Ultrafast lasers produce pulses of light that are less than 1 picosecond (A millionth of a millionth of a second) in duration. These remarkable light sources allow for investigations of extremely short lived phenomena in solid materials. Of particular interest to my research group are the conduction of heat and the propagation of ultrasound in novel nanostructures. We have several goals this summer. First, we will investigate surface acoustic waves with nanometer-sized wavelengths. Second, we will be testing our new thin film sputter coater, capable of growing thin metal films with nanometer precision. Third, we will be incorporating computational modeling into all of these projects. This will be an excellent opportunity for any student interested in finding out more about lasers, nanoscience, electronics, vacuum technology, and computer programming.

Pre-requisites: Math 220, 228, Phys 200, 202/203

How should students express their interest in this project? Students should wait to hear from me after applying through the URSI program.