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Cognitive Science
Project Proposal

Creating an experiment builder for the cloud

Josh de Leeuw (Cognitive Science)

Researchers in cognitive science and related disciplines are increasingly using the internet as a means of running behavioral experiments. Online experiments can reach larger and more diverse samples than laboratory experiments, and are one way to solve the pervasive issue of underpowered experiments in the behavioral and cognitive sciences. This project will continue development of a graphical experiment builder that allows researchers to create experiments with jsPsych (www.jspsych.org) without any background in programming. We will develop both frontend and backend components for the experiment builder, focusing on tools that facilitate open sharing of experiment materials. We will also create tutorials and sample experiments. If progress permits, we will conduct a usability study of the software.

Pre-requisites: Programming fluency in at least one language is necessary. Experience with web application development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Node/React) is beneficial, but not required.

How should students express their interest in this project? Email jdeleeuw@vassar.edu to express interest in the project. Please describe your relevant experiences and background in the email. It will be especially useful if you can share or describe a software project that you completed.