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Computer Science
Project Proposal

Wearable devices for connected mobile health

Jason Waterman (Computer Science)

This project continues the work done during URSI'16, where we developed a framework for a full-stack, open source mobile health monitoring platform that gives users complete control of their health data. This summer we will transition to a wearable device with a more discreet form factor. We will also expand platform interoperability by introducing shims, which convert data recorded with various fitness monitoring devices into a standardized format for easy storage and access. Development will continue to bring more data analytics and visualization modules to the framework. This will allow users to explore their health data to be able to turn collected data to actionable health recommendations.

Pre-requisites: CMPU-224

How should students express their interest in this project? I will contact students I am interested in to set up an interview. They do not need to contact me directly.