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Project Proposal

Female choice in a Neotropical treefrog with flexible reproduction

Justin Touchon (Biology)

The Neotropical treefrog Dendropsophus ebraccatus has a flexible form of reproduction known as reproductive mode plasticity; female frogs can choose to lay their eggs on leaves above the water or directly into the water and these decisions are known to be affected by forest canopy and aquatic predators. However, we know nothing about the role that males or other environmental factors play in affecting these decisions. This experiment will seek to tease apart the role that male advertisement calls and rainfall (as well as potentially other environmental variables) play in female choice of oviposition site. We will build a simulated pond where we can manipulate the amount of rainfall, the presence or absence of moon or star light and the location of male calls.

Pre-requisites: Interest in Animal Behavior and Animal Research; Attention to detail; Ability and desire to work at night if needed

How should students express their interest in this project? Students should indicate on their application why they are interested in our project. All interested candidates will be interviewed.