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Psychological Science
Completed Project

Parent and Infant Effects from a Tummy Time Movement Lesson

Emma Glickman ’18 and Carolyn Palmer (Psychology)

Project Summary

The student will participate in the rationale, design, behavioral coding, and analysis of a study of one or more movement lessons (e.g., rolling over, crawling, or tossing beanbags) for infants, young children, their parents and teachers. These lessons derive from the Feldenkrais Method, with which the student researcher will become familiar both through direct movement work as well as scholarship. This project is part of a larger program to deepen the evidence base for functional movement learning methods such as Feldenkrais; this project focuses particularly on infant, toddler, and preschool movement lesson outcomes. The student researcher can expect to keep a detailed research journal, conduct database searches, and construct an annotated bibliography of relevant scholarly sources. The student will also engage families, care providers, and movement teachers along with children in their care.

Required Skills and/or Course Prerequisites

The student will bring their professional research and interpersonal skills to this project, including punctuality, organization of documentation, and comfort and professionalism interacting with parents, young children, and child caregivers.

Location of Research

Mostly Poughkeepsie; possible commutes to New York City and region