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Computer Science
Completed Project

Interoperability Framework for Wearable Sensing Devices

Alexandra Alcántara ’17, Nathaniel Green ’17, Macall McQueen ’17, Jason Waterman (Computer Science)

Interoperability in mobile healthcare technology allows people to integrate their fitness data across multiple devices, track it over time, and share it with healthcare providers. No universal standard currently exists for interoperability between fitness monitoring platforms. Existing frameworks, such as Apple HealthKit and Google Fit, restrict how customers can access and use their data.

This work establishes a framework for a full-stack, open source mobile health monitoring platform that gives users complete control of their health data. The platform consists of an unobtrusive low-energy sensor that continuously measures ECG-quality heart rate and activity, a cross-platform mobile application that provides real-time data visualization for immediate feedback, and a server for secure, long-term data storage and analysis. In developing this framework, we show that well supported hardware is essential for rapid prototyping, that cross-platform mobile development technology does not sacrifice functionality, and that it is important to use flexible configuration tools when building backend storage and authentication servers.

Going forward, we will transition to a wearable device with a more discreet form factor. We plan to expand interoperability by introducing shims, which convert data recorded with various fitness monitoring devices into a standardized format for easy storage and access. Other researchers are encouraged to build on this open source framework and learn from the insights we’ve gained during its development as they design their own mobile healthcare systems. Our goal is to contribute to the eventual establishment of a standard framework for such systems.