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Physics and Astronomy
Completed Project

Analysis and Computational Modeling of C. elegans Locomotion Using Fraunhofer Diffraction Patterns

Juan Vasquez, Vassar College ’16, Razvan Stanescu, Vassar College ’16 and Prof. Jenny Magnes
The C. elegans is a model organism that provides scientists with the ability to gain valuable insights in understanding aspects of ageing, disease, and other biological processes. Changes in locomotion offer a metric to study some of these effects and we want to quantify this movement (thrashing) without the use of microscopes or video recordings. Studying the worms without the use of lenses would provide a quicker and cheaper solution to the techniques used now. The methods used in the past summer relied heavily on arbitrary data selection criteria. So our goal was to investigate and improve on the methods used to analyze worm motion and create an accurate model to help identify trends or to suggest different routes for analysis.