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Completed Project

Detecting Fraunhofer Diffraction and Exploring Image Reconstruction

Razvan Stanescu, Vassar College ’16 and Prof. Jenny Magnes
In order for us to image microscopic organisms, we can use cheaper and possibly more mobile methods than microscopy. We explored Fraunhofer diffraction which takes advantage of how light diffracts around an object. Using lasers of different wavelengths, and different strengths, we can try to maximize the expression of this diffraction. Then, a CMOS camera is used to record an image or video of the diffraction pattern, which we can process using MatLab. The diffraction is simulated using a two dimensional Fourier transform. The diffraction pattern expresses a spatial frequency, but lacks the phase of these frequency components. If the image resolution is high enough, we might be able to reconstruct the object using oversampling. We can retrieve the phase using an autocorrelation computer code.