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Undergraduate Research Summer Institute Symposium

September 27, 2017

Program: (Villard Room)

3:15 - Introductory Remarks

Jon Chenette, Dean of the Faculty
David T. Carreon Bradley, URSI Director

3:30 - Students’ Oral Presentations on Summer Research

Kaya Deuser ’20 and Prof. Pavel Naumov
Navigation Strategies of Autonomous Agents: How to Choose Your New Vacuum Cleaner

Kendal Foster ’18, Deanna Havey ’18, Kamakshi Kanojia ’19 and Prof. Benjamin Morin
Investigation of the Transmission of Cholera through Water Networks

Cali Corbett ’18, Kenneth Lee ’18, Samarah Cook ’18, Eric Lee ’18 and Profs. Kelli Duncan and Kevin Holloway
Comparative Analysis of Steroid Mediated Neuroprotection Across Vertebrates

4:15 - Introduction of Keynote Speaker

Jennifer Kennell, URSI Associate Director

4:20 - Keynote Address

Curiosity and the Moral Character of Science
Robert Pennock, Professor
Lyman Briggs College
Depts. of Philosophy and Computer Science & Engineering
Michigan State University

5:15 - Poster Session I (odd numbered posters)

5:45 - Poster Session II (even numbered posters)

6:30 - Dinner Celebration (RSVP Required)

Keynote speaker

 Robert T. Pennock is a Professor at Michigan State University, where he is on the faculty of Lyman Briggs College, the Departments of Philosophy and Computer Science, and the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior program. His research involves both experimental and philosophical questions that relate to evolutionary biology and cognitive science, such as the evolution of altruism, complexity, and intelligence. He is a PI of the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action, and the Scientific Virtues Project. A national leader in evolution education, he was an expert witness in the historic Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School Board Intelligent Design creationism case. He is PI of the Avida-ED Project, which develops software and curricula to help students learn about evolution and the nature of science using digital organisms. Dr. Pennock is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and has served on the AAAS Committee on the Public Understanding of Science and Technology and the NAS Evolution, Creationism and Science authoring committee. His book on curiosity and the moral character of science will be published next year by the MIT Press.