Undergraduate Research
Summer Institute Symposium

October 1, 2014

Program: Main Building, Villard Room

3:00 Introductory Remarks

Jon Chenette, Dean of the Faculty
Marc Smith, URSI Director

3:15 Students’ Oral Presentations on Summer Research

Alexandra Trunnell, Vassar College ’17, Sam Faber-Manning, Vassar College ’16 and Prof. Cindy Schwarz

Physics in the Modern School: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Adapting Physics Simulations for Various Curricula

Alaina Wilson, Vassar College ’16 and Prof. Lucy Johnson

Comparative Analysis of Tool-Making Debris from New York and Alaskan Archaeological Sites

Kevin Newhall, Vassar College ’17 and Prof. Bojana Zupan

Effect of Reduced Maternal FMRP Expression on Reversal Learning in Male Mice

4:15 Introduction of Keynote Speaker

Jodi Schwarz, URSI Co-Director

4:20 Keynote Address

Amy's Adventures in GMO-land: A New York Times Reporter Explores the Rift Between Public Perception and Scientific Consensus in the Topsy-Turvy Debate over Biotechnology in Agriculture

Amy Harmon, New York Times Reporter

5:30 Poster Session I (odd numbered posters)
6:10 Poster Session II (even numbered posters)
7:00—8:30 Dinner for URSI Fellows and Faculty