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A Decomposition Theorem for Linear Affine Spaces

Qian Xu, Vassar College '13, Kyun Kim, Vassar College '12 and Prof. Peter Pappas

Analysis of Two-Dimensional Paperfolding Sequences

Roiana Reid, Vassar College '12, Nishan Subedi, Vassar College '12, Tian An Wong, Vassar College '11 and Prof. Natalie Priebe Frank



Iridescence of Beetles

Alexandra Bello, Vassar College '11 and Profs. Varada Iruvanti, Robert Suter, Chandran Sabanayagam, and Jenny Magnes

Scattering of Poly Latex Microspheres and Laser-Induced Breakdown Microscopy

Rebecca Eells, Vassar College '12, Dr. Noureddine Melikechi, Dr. Yuri Markushin, and Prof. Jenny Magnes

Studying Phonon Attenuation in Samples of Amorphous and Nano- Crystalline Silicon Using an Ultra-Fast Laser

Donald Hondongwa, Vassar College '11 and Prof. Brain Daly

Using an Ultrafast Laser to Measure Acoustic and Thermal Properties of Amorphous Thin Films

Lauren Olasov, Vassar College '11 and Prof. Brian Daly

Dynamic Diffraction Analysis C. elegans

Alicia Sampson, Vassar College '12, Rebecca Eells, Vassar College '12 and Profs. Jenny Magnes and Kathleen Susman

Numerical Prediction of Sound Scattering from Surfaces with Fractal Geometry

Erik Snow, Vassar College '12 and Prof. David Bradley

Study of Heat Flow in Layered Nanostructures Using Time-Domain Thermoreflectance

Nishan Subedi, Vassar College '12 and Prof. Brian Daly

Source Directivity and Side-Wall Scattering on Binaural Hearing Objective Measures

Zheyang Xie, Vassar College '12 and Prof. David T. Bradley



Where Do Babies Come From? : A Study of Personality Risk Factors for Teen Pregnancy

Krystal Cashen, Vassar College '13 and Prof. Susan Trumbetta

The Effects of Naloxone Administered During an Extinction Phase After Continuous or Partially Reinforced Approach Conditioning

Marissa F. Gauthier, Vassar College '11, Alexander E. Linsalata, Vassar College '10 and Prof. Kevin S. Holloway

The "Happiest and Greenest Nation": Optimism, Emotion, Environmental Stress, and Well-being Among Nicaraguan and Costa Rican Women Living in Costa Rica

Matthew R. Grossman, Vassar College '10 and Profs. Jannay Morrow, Michele M. Tugade, Judith Nichols and Research Associate Hillary Devlin

A Test of the Active Time Model In Describing Choice Allocation To Multiple Concurrent Variable-Interval Schedules

Paul Misak, Vassar College '11 and Professor J. Mark Cleaveland

From Cradle to Grave: Why Do Teen Mothers Die Early?

Jenna Rieder, Vassar College '11 and Prof. Susan Trumbetta

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