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The Burger Family of the Trapps Hamlet: Making a Living on a Mountain Top

URSI Explorers Robin Embick, Vassar College '12, Harrison Sapper, Vassar College '13 with Student Supervisor Jerry Gilligan, Vassar College '11, Aayushi Sethi, Vassar College FORD Scholar '13, Chloe McGuire, Vassar College ERI Intern '13, Ashley O'Neill, Vassar College DIR student '14 and Prof. Lucy Johnson



Determination of HER-2 and ERa Primer Efficiency

Maria Kern, Vassar College '11, Catharine Varnum, Vassar College '10 and Prof. David K. Jemiolo and Joseph A. Impellizeri DVM ACVIM



The Role of Leptin in Limb Development in Xenopus Laevis

Samuel Black, Vassar College '12 and Prof. Erica Crespi

The Gulf of Mexico in a Beaker: The Effects of Crude Oil and Oil Dispersant on Aiptasia Pallida Sea Anemones

Joe Carver, Vassar College '11 and Prof. Jodi Schwarz

Forest Ecosystems and Structure: White-Tail Deer Overabundance and Non-Native Plants in the Vassar Ecological Preserve

Camila Delgado-Montes, Vassar College '13, Keri Van Camp, Field Station and Ecological Preserve Manager and Profs. Lynn Christenson and Margaret Ronsheim

Mechanical Behavior of the Vertebral Columns of Sharks

Candido Diaz, Vassar College '11, Alyse Larkin, Vassar College '10 and Prof. John Long and Research Associate Marianne Porter

Development of an Affinity Purification System For Isolation and Proteomic Analysis of Cysteine Proteases from Tetrahymena Thermophila

Kelly Fitzgerald, Vassar College '11, Nick Kramer, Ramapo College '12 and Profs. J. William Straus and Jay Carreon

Differential Protein Expression in Aiptasia Pallida During Heat Stress

Peter Grauman, Vassar College '11 and Profs. Jodi Schwarz, Teresa Garrett and Eric Eberhardt

Mechanisms Associated with Establishing Size Hierarchies in Wood Frog Tadpoles

Adam Kardon, Vassar College '11, Prof. Erica Crespi and Research Associate Robin Warne

Adaptive Plasticity in Female Drosophila Hydei Courtship

Henry Liang, Vassar College '13 and Prof. Jeremy Davis

Effects of Host Novelty and Social Cues on Oviposition Behavior in Callosobruchus Maculatus

Rachel Mestel, Vassar College '11 and Prof. Jeremy M. Davis

MicroRNA-8 is a Regulator of Cuticle Pigmentation in Drosophila Melanogaster

Iryna Shakhmantsir, Vassar College '12 and Prof. Jennifer Kennell

Changes in Plant Species Composition in the Edith Robert's Ecological Laboratory

Arial Shogren,Vassar College '13, Emily Haeuser, Vassar College '10, Keri Van Camp, Field Station and Ecological Preserve Manager and Profs. Margaret Ronsheim and Lynn Christenson

Mastermind is a Corepressor of Armadillo Transcriptional Activity in Drosophila Melanogaster

Jesse Small, Vassar College '11 and Prof. Jennifer Kennell

Predation Effects in Long and Short Term Exposure in Rana Sylvatica

Dakota A. Starkey, Vassar College '13, Prof. Erica J. Crespi and Research Associate Robin Warne

Corals Need Their Vitamins Too: The Effect of Antioxidants on the Coral Bleaching Response

Danielle Twum, Vassar College '12, Ishaira Nieto-Rosas, Vassar College '14 and Prof. Jodi Schwarz



Characterization of Zinc Sheets Using AFM and UV-vis

Visham Appadoo, Vassar College '12 and Prof. Zachary Donhauser

Synthesis and Structure of Titanium BIPHEN Coordination Complexes and Asymmetric Lewis Acid Catalysis

Mollie Baker-Salisbury, Vassar College '12 and Prof. Joseph M. Tanski

The Impact of GyrA C-Terminal Domain Biochemistry on DNA Gyrase Activity

Evgeny Bulat, Vassar College '11 and Profs. Elsa M. Tretter and James M. Berger, 2010 Amgen Scholars Summer Research Program, Depart. of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley

Determining the Concentrations of Trace Metals in Soil Using X-Ray Fluorescence

Hansol Chung, Vassar College '11 and Prof. Alison Keimowitz

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