About URSI

Since 1986, the Undergraduate Research Summer Institute has shown hundreds of students the wonders of scientific discovery through high-level research with faculty supervisors. Each summer, students and faculty collaborate in an intensive ten-week program, designing and shaping their views of the world with exciting explorations, rigorous experimentations, and critical analyses. 

Among the nation's oldest undergraduate scientific research programs, URSI continues to be powered by Vassar faculty and students. Every year, over one hundred individuals participate, and in so doing, a community of scientific scholars is created and nurtured. Weekly URSI events such as student presentations and social gatherings support the rigorous daily work of each group.

In the end, the creative results  displayed at the fall symposium are the culmination of the most wonderful experiences students and faculty can have, namely working side-by-side on new ideas.

As we look upon the wonderful accomplishments of our talented faculty and students at the annual URSI Symposium, we also recognize the tremendous efforts and accomplishments of those individuals who have supported and participated in our program for over twenty-five years. Vassar College should be very proud.

Marc Smith
URSI Director
Associate Professor of Computer Science